Converse with Children!


Children are often considered to be incomplete individuals, whom constantly need to be affected with reprimand and information. Upbringing is a prestige word that empowers adults to lecture and thus create hidden power hierarchies. Upbringing with the exercise of power can be unhealthy for children while blocking the personal development for adults.

Power can lead to an uncertainty within the child of what's actually allowed to do or it may create a "contrary" attitude with increased resistance. The process belittles the child's ego and obstructs the child's aspirations for independence. Children's reactions are often more competent and complex than people think.

Courses and intensification days in Motivational Interviewing for children and young people presents the basic theories of a child's development and introduce powerful conversation tools and its effects. The course is based on participants' experiences of conversations with children in different situations based on behavioral principles.


MI-handguide for children


Quote from TV-show:
-Not a moment to lose, ey, how nice. Here you are on the dancefloor.
- Hello, are you underage?
-Well, it means, are you a kid?
-Mm. No, I'm nine!
- Hmm, precisely, here I'm standing, babbling about…