Staffan Hultgren is an educated instructor within Motivational Interviewing, MI, Cardiff 2006, and as a pedagogue focus in behavioral change and behavioral processes. Staffan has extensive experience leading groups in education and skills development in the private and public sectors.

Staffan is engaged in the college, university, polytechnic, public administration, business education and in preschool / school. Staffan is also involved with Motivational interviewing to Increase Physical Activity in Children in research studies with responsibility for education of the MI-coaches for interviews with children and parents.

"Human behavior is our greatest mystery ever and a future challenge. We are all experts in other people's habits, probably because we are all affected and influenced by our own behavior."

In the book, Changes in behavior - a behavioral reflection (2008) Staffan presents behavioral theoretical fundamentals with practical applications. The book can be ordered from

Staffan is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, MINT, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, SBM, and the Swedish Society of Behavioral Medicine, SBF.


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Society of Behavioral Medicine, SBM congress,
San Diego 2008.